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144. Caro · 12.04.2014 15:58      
Hallo Ernest! I hope you are fine. When do you say the update? Yesterday I drive the A40 and saw the Starlight Halle and think about you and when I saw you as Greaseball. Thats now so long ago.

143. Sina · 02.04.2014 11:05      
Did you forget you wanted to write very soon. ­

142. Jenny · 27.03.2014 18:47      
Hi Ernest!!! when is very soon for your update? ­ How are you?

141. Daniela · 21.03.2014 0:35      
that was a long time i wasnt here and then you wrote. ­ thanks so much, it is good to read from you. im excited for your update. enjoy the ship! many love from germany!!

140. Maike · 13.03.2014 19:56      
When is very soon??????? ­­
Can't wait for you r update. Hope you are good.

139. Jessi · 04.03.2014 19:19      
Finaly I was here and read your message. I´m so happy your wrote again. I´m excited also what your update is and that very soon is not sooooooooooooooooo long. ­ Have fun at the ship!

138. Nadine · 22.02.2014 14:41      
Hi Ernest! Don't wait very long with the update. What is it? I really hope I cann see you at a show again.

137. Martha · 15.02.2014 15:55      
Thank you that you wrote again. I missed your messages. Can you say why the Marquee video is private in youtube?

136. Jeanette · 09.02.2014 15:02      
I can´t believe you wrote here!!!! ­
You make me exicted about updates. I hope very soon means not months.

135. Maike · 08.02.2014 16:01      
sooooooooo happy you wrote again!!!! good to read of you. i wish i can see chicago show. do you have a video?


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