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158. Daniela · 23.09.2014 11:30      
I missed the guestbook and talking with you. Hope you write soon what you´re doing.­

157. Maike · 19.09.2014 0:02      
Its working!!!!!!! Whats new? How are you?

156. Caro · 15.09.2014 19:11      
I never believed the guestbook is online ever again. How are you, Ernest?

155. Sina · 11.09.2014 20:17      
Your guestbook is working again. ­
I think it was a big problem. Are you still in the ship?

154. Laura · 08.09.2014 21:10      
Why was it not working so long? I thought it is offline forever. Hope you write soon again. ­

153. Martha · 08.09.2014 12:11      
I can t believe. It work again. How are you? What are you doing?

152. Caro · 22.05.2014 19:48      
Hey you, how is the Caribian? How long are you on the ship and what you do then?

151. Jenny · 13.05.2014 11:49      
Hallo Ernest, when is the update you wanted to write very soon?? ­ Enjoy the caribean!

150. Jeanette · 04.05.2014 19:05      
did you forgot you wanted to write a update very soon?? I hope you are fine.

149. Katharina · 29.04.2014 18:27      
Do you come in Germany again? I saw you in Starlight express 4 times. I like to see you preform. When do you write the update? And I want to say your page look very good and nice.


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