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178. Jessi · 22.12.2014 17:32      
You wrote again!!! ­­­­ So great to read. How are you? Merry Christmas from me too. ­­­

177. Maike · 21.12.2014 23:13      
Have a great 4. Advent. Please write soon again. What you do at Christmas, hope you can see your family.

176. Linda · 21.12.2014 13:38      
Thank you for a new message. Good to know you are still reading here and writeing. I wish I can see the show too, I don't know Chicago. Do oyu miss stex?

175. Caro · 20.12.2014 14:25      
Now I was not here a few days and then you must write­. That was a surprise. enjoy your time, which ship are you? ­

174. Marie · 19.12.2014 10:51      
I was so happy to read your message. Please write often again. ­ enjoy christmas.

173. Carina · 18.12.2014 16:20      
Ernest!!!! Enjoy the show and paradies. ­ and merry Christmas.

172. Laura · 18.12.2014 7:55      
Good you love the show. Is this show the musical from the film Chicago? Is there plans you ever come to Germany?

171. Kathi · 17.12.2014 13:19      
I hope you are well too. It's nice we can write again and your guestbook work after so long. I dont know why it was a problem so long. Is your family on the ship at Chrismas?

170. Jenny · 17.12.2014 8:49      
have fun with Chicago. I wish I could see it. I read Chicago comes in Germany too, I think Stuttgart. Are you always on the same ship?

169. Martha · 16.12.2014 23:04      
i cant believe you wrote again!!!! nice to hear from you. hopefully you do a show where it is not so expensive to see. ­


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