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197. Laura · 19.06.2015 10:34      
Ernest!!!!!!!!!!!! ­ Its so long that you said you write updates SOON! ­

196. Linda · 10.05.2015 21:55      
Hey Ernest, yes what about the updates? How is your life on the ship? Are you really with the ship in Europa?

195. Martha · 07.04.2015 19:49      
When are you writing new updates?? Hope you are good.

194. Maike · 16.03.2015 20:51      
Hey Ernest,

you haven't wrote for a very long time again. ­ How long are you at the ship?

193. Jenny · 24.02.2015 10:39      
I read it too your ship is in Europe in May right?

192. Sina · 15.02.2015 21:06      
I saw your ship on a travel magazine today and they wrote it is in Europe in the spring. Are you then here again?

191. Marie · 31.01.2015 13:15      
Hello Ernest, I hope you are fine. I only read now, it was your birthday. I had no idea, so happy late birthday. How was your day?

190. Daniela · 10.01.2015 21:55      
I forgot your birthday, so happy late birthday. I hope you had a fun day.

189. Laura · 04.01.2015 15:55      
A little bit late, I wish you happy birthday. How was your day?? Did you something special?

188. Jessi · 03.01.2015 14:50      
It was your birthday? Happy birthday and i Hope your day was good and fun. Happy new year too.


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